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UPDATE: March 3, 2006, I attended court in Ownesboro, KY. The Van was parked right in front of the Daviess County Courthouse all morning, while Mr. Ricky Colbert pleaded innocent to the charges. The van is a work in progress, and I had added and redone some things for this event. Watch here for new photos, I will get them up when I have time. I hope all FREEDOM LOVERS will support those who are brave enough to fight these unfair and unAmerican laws.

Posted February 24, 2006
Local Folks RESIST County Wide Smoking Ban
Here's what I did today (February 23, 2006). 
Hello,  I know some of you may have seen this article (reprinted below).  It was in the Smokersclub newsletter.  Today I decided to drive up to People's Republic of Louisville, KY to try to attend a meeting about proposed extremely onerous pet legislation.  On the way, I decided to go round about through People's Republic of Davies County (Owensboro, KY), to Maceo, and shake this gentleman's hand : ).  I had not had the van (NEW photos HERE  up to this area before, and got quite a few signs of enthusiasm driving through Owensboro, KY.  It is WONDERFUL to be cruising and see SMILES & HOPE on passing faces.
I didn't get to meet Ricky Colbert this time, but found a very congenial group at his Hillbilly Convenient store/restaurant.  They are blatantly and openly flouting the smoking ban : )))))  There are ash trays on every table, and lots of smokers.  I felt right t'home & handed out flyers, and gave encouragement.  Folks like this are heroes to me.  I asked them to give Ricky hugs from me, also asked if he was going to go to court or just pay the fine?  He is going to go to court.  The date is March 3rd, 8:00am CST, at Owensboro, KY Courthouse.  I told them if I can I will come up for that to support them, and park my van in front of the courthouse.  They loved my van (smoker's rights)  and took pictures.  There is a collection jar by the register, and his fine is covered (I added my bit there too).  Had a wonderful fish sandwich - home cooked, probably the best I've ever had anywhere.  It was THE ONLY $ I spent in People's Republic of Davies County. 
They seemed a bit surprised at first that I was there - wondered how I knew about it, as I live about 100 miles away in S. KY.  I showed them the email I'd printed out from Smokersclubinc Newsletter.  Told them that these days, thanks to the internet, a city or county council can hardly sneeze without it being known all over the world in hours (or at times maybe even in minutes) : ).
One way we can boycott a People's Republic even if we live IN one, is to support the renegades (that is if we aren't in a position to be renegade ourselves).  Smokers & Freedom Lovers in People's Republic of Davies County, I hope you will give your business to Ricky and whatever other folks there are like him in your county, or shop (gas too) outside the county in the free USA if you are able.  : )  For smokers and freedom lovers traveling through PR of Davies County, I highly recommend Hillbilly's Convenient for the best food, gas, and other necessities - especially the smoker friendly amenities.  It's on Rt 60 in Maceo.
Please share this and cross post to any/all lists and friends.  If any have the time on March 3 (8:00 am CST) to be at the Owensboro Courthouse to support Ricky, I am sure the folks there would appreciate it.  I will have flyers and maybe bumper stickers to share.  We could have a party : )
Some thoughts I had while driving today:
- It would be wonderful if we had a 'spotter' in each town and county to keep an eye on the local government councils there, who could notify a central email list of any discussions or actions detrimental to private property rights, and/or possible future smoking bans, or tobacco tax increases/issues.  If we had a bit more advance warnings for some of these things, maybe more opposition could be better organized, and those of us with a bit of time to do so could help support those who are threatened or fighting for their rights.
- It would be useful to have a central email list specifically for warnings about hearings and/or court dates/cases related to smoking bans, smoker's taxes or resistance to them.  Those on this 'early warning system' list could then forward to their own lists, who could forward to their lists, etc.  It might also be good to have telephone chains associated with this, so those who are not on the internet could be informed as well.  ANYONE, whatever area you are in can build your own telephone tree, and email list, then subscribe to the early warning list.
- In addition to maps of ban areas we already have, it would be nice to think of some way we could all let each other know where the good spots are to stop if traveling in a People's Republic (ban area).  We would want to somehow be able to restrict distribution of anything like that only to those who are smokers and freedom fighters.  It would not do to have anything like that to be used by the gestapos or antis to give these good folks any more hard time.  Any ideas??? Let me know.
Latest van pics & update (3/3/06)
Lynda Farley
An American who Loves Freedom
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forwarded article:
Kentucky Maceo Store owner intentionally violates Daviess smoking ban


Store owner intentionally violates Daviess smoking ban


February 2006


MACEO, Ky. -- A Maceo convenience store owner intentionally violated Daviess County's ordinance regulating smoking in public places and is now considering challenging the regulation.

Hillbilly Convenient owner Ricky Colbert invited a sheriff's deputy checking out a smoking complaint to watch him light a cigarette in the Maceo store Friday afternoon.

The deputy made Colbert the first person cited for violating the ordinance, which took effect Jan. 1. The Lewisport man said he'll talk with lawyers before deciding whether to challenge the constitutionality of the ordinance.

"I don't agree with it," Colbert said. "I think it's against my constitutional rights. What's next? I can't sell hamburgers because they got grease in them?"

Colbert said many of his customers who come in for breakfast and lunch smoke as do many of his employees.

"The food industry in my store is 68 percent of my business," Colbert said. "It would absolutely put me out of business if I ban smoking."

The Daviess County Sheriff's Department responded to three complaints about smoking at Hillbilly on Friday, Capt. David Osborne said. It had received seven other complaints since the ordinance took effect, he said.

Osborne said Colbert asked a deputy to cite him, but the deputy said he needed to see someone smoking to issue a citation.

The ordinance requires businesses that allow smoking to post signs saying anyone under the age of 18 are not allowed in, Osborne said. If the businesses ban smoking, they must post signs to that effect, he said.

If there's no way to challenge the ordinance, Colbert said he will pay the $50 fine. Beyond that, Colbert hasn't decided what he will do.


More Thoughts:

I am hoping FREEDOM LOVERS everywhere will begin to stir up whatever resistance to smoking bans they can.  Find folks like Ricky : ) then SUPPORT them, and stop supporting anyone else (if possible).  Just think how well those stoopid bans would work if there were widespread flouting of them.  How many taxpayers would go for pulling most of the cops off of real law enforcement (rapes, robberies, murder, real drugs - heroin, crack, etc) to spend all their time trying to keep folks from smoking cigs and cigars on THEIR OWN property???

When you enter any store, restaurant, or business that YOU DO NOT OWN, remember YOU ARE A GUEST.  You do not HAVE to go into ANY place like that if you don't want to.  Our US Supreme Court HAS ruled that businesses are NOT transformed into 'public property' just because they INVITE folks from 'the public' to enter.  If YOUR name is not on the lease or mortgage, IT IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY - NO MATTER HOW MANY CITIZENS in your state have 'voted away' the REAL OWNER's property rights.   If it happens the REAL OWNER either SMOKES themselves, or is tolerant of their other cusotmers who do so, how do you think he feels about a visitor (and probably a stranger to him) who is complaining and trying to tell him/her how to run THEIR business???  If you don't like the atmosphere of a place where you are VISITING, you are free to go away and NOT COME BACK.  SHAME ON YOU if instead you are gathering the police power of government (in ANY form - city/county council, voters, or state legislature) to take AWAY that OWNER's PRIVATE property rights.  As a taxpayer, I am OUTRAGED at this waste of government resources, too.

I just found out my own tax $ in 'tiny town' (Edmonton, KY) where we live (population 1,500 - entire county about 8k) are being used to send kids caught smoking in the bathroom in school to COURT!  Geesh.... served my share of detentions in school for smoking in the bathroom myself - that is practically an American tradition - there are even songs about it.  But a WASTE of taxpayer $ - plus we are giving these kids (who haven't done ANYTHING else) a criminal record?????  Next thing on my list to raise Cain about.  Will have to go to a town meeting.

One thing I know - if 6 (or however many) city council members can that easily vote IN a ban, they are ABLE just as easily to VOTE IT OUT again.  You will have a job to VOTE ALL OF THE ANTIS OFF your city council - and make sure their replacements (no matter WHICH party they belong to) believe in TRUTH and PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.

This is why I have been giving the benefit of the doubt for those areas that have passed a PRIVATE PROPERTY smoking ban. BOYCOTTING does not start until the ban actually goes into effect. I am hoping that in some cases sanity could return, and it could be overturned BEFORE it goes into effect. That would save a LOT of future trouble.

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