Quote of the DAY Feb. 4, 2006: "I went to see what the scene looks like at a bar on a Saturday nite. Three people in the bar and twenty people smoking outside Did that ever look stupid(20 below zero)" Tom

December 8, 2005 ( We are BOYCOTTING THE STATE of IL as of 1/1/2006/)
Greetings to all Chicago Aldermen, and/or Officials, 
I was born in Evanston, IL.  I still have relatives around Chicago, and in Park Ridge, and Deerfield, though I now live in Kentucky.  I also show dogs, and travel ALOT (40,000 miles last year).  I spend LOTS of $ on these trips.  You can see us - Hosanna Afghan Hounds - here: http://www.hosanna1.com/ .  I come to or through your state frequently, either attending shows in IL, or on my way to shows in other states.  I was in Belleville, IL just this past weekend.  I will be in Wheaton for several days next week. I have been very interested in your debates over the proposed smoking ban on private properties.
Smoker's BOYCOTT of the entire state of Illinois INFO-Click Here, since you have approved a smoking ban in Chicago.
The whole 'health' issue is based on lies.  Even the World Health Organization is LYING about THEIR OWN study.   Many folks are about fed up with all the lying about smoke and smoking.

For past 15 years or so, we have already had a drop of about 50% in smoking, and about 75% drop in indoor smoke (due to VOLUNTARY actions).  We should ALREADY see some good health effects.  Guess what - we DO NOT.  Asthma is UP about 500%.  Lung cancer is still going UP - and it is a big fat LIE that 'smoking is a primary cause' of it.  GENETICS is the PRIMARY cause of it - even though it's possible smoking along with dozens of other things might be a trigger.  Alcohol correlates much more highly with lung cancer, and also most of the other cancers that are being blamed on smoking.  There is a brand new study JUST RELEASED showing the 'Helena miracle' (so called) was BUNK. http://kuneman.smokersclub.com/hospitaladmissions2.html.
WHY are they LYING??? http://www.aalf.ws/antibrains/
(see article about Big Pharmacy and follow the BIG MONEY)
When I say I will boycott ILLINOIS, I do not simply mean bars.  I don't drink alcohol - but notice I am NOT calling for alcohol prohibition, with bootlegging, black market, and the mafia such as we had in the 1930s.  I DO NOT want to see such a thing with SMOKING, either, but IF things keep up as they are I am AFRAID THAT IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO GET.  Do YOU REALLY THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA???  I sure hope NOT.  Please reply, and let me know.  (so far no replies : (
TOTAL BOYCOTT means that I will no longer come to shows, nor to visit my relatives in IL.  There are thousands of shows all over the USA - and my relatives can come to visit me if they want to see me.  If I am forced to drive THROUGH IL, I will be sure to top off my gas tank before crossing the state line.  I always have a cooler, and will bring my food so I won't have to buy anything.  I'll get my ice and coffee, or whatever I need at RETAIL STORES IN SOME OTHER STATE that has not removed people's private property rights due to health LIES LIES.  Of course, I will not stay in any motels in your state, either.  We are a family of 6, and I often have several children with me on trips, so I am not just spending for one, either.   When at home in Kentucky, and ordering online, or from catalogs (which I do ALOT OF), I will pay attention and not order from ANY COMPANY THAT IS BASED IN IL.  I will be voting with my dollars in every way I am able to, and will ALSO post this information on my top search engine ranked websites, and also publicize on my email lists, and on all my travels.  I am handing out flyers and cards, and talking to folks everywhere I go. 
This past year, we were in (besides several trips to IL) about 3/4 of all the states - from Vermont to California, Florida, and even Mexico.
I usually only boycott those states with statewide bans.  I am making an exception for Chicago though, as it's one of the biggest cities in the USA, I was born so close to it, and I have sympathy for the REST of the taxpayers in IL, who I know will soon and in future be making up for the economic shortfalls generated by CHICAGO's smoking ban.  California's ban has cost them about 100 BILLION dollars SO FAR.  This is because over past ten years they have about 3,000 fewer restaurants and bars than they SHOULD have based on their economic growth over that time period. There is a very interesting study about these economic impacts here: http://www.aalf.ws/smoking/bancostsCA100billiondollars/ 
What is interesting, is these economic effects have NOT been any result of ANY 'boycott', nor organized action of any kind.  They are simply the aggregate effects of the changes in behavior of lots of people.  Wonder what will happen if folks who are sick and tired of being abused, oppressed, and LIED TO get MAD and begin to vote with their dollars ON PURPOSE?  And NOT JUST bars and restaurants.  Don't know how long it will take to catch on, but some of us have HAD IT with the Nico Nazis, and are ready to take actions.  I am one of those. 
And, even after about 30 years of anti-smoking propaganda, something like 25% of the total population is STILL SMOKING.  I doubt they are all going to quit - no matter what.  I have no intention of it.  So, there are at the moment something like 60 MILLION folks who still smoke - and more and more are getting to the end of their rope (with the propaganda and ABUSE) every day.  Not to mention they have many non-smoking friends and family - so total number of dollars available to vote with is VERY significantThere are only 2 smokers in our family - but we are SPENDING for SIX.   This means the 60 MILLION smokers + family and friends could easily add up to as many as 1/2 of the entire population of the USA.   We will get more organized and VOTE NICO-NAZIS OUT OF EVERY OFFICE. 
This issue IS NEVER GOING to GO AWAY.  Here is the current boycott map:

<a href="http://www.aalf.ws/smokingmad/" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.aalf.ws/image/Anti-Smoking-Facts240x140AS.gif" width=240 height=140 border=0 alt="link to An American who Loves Freedom Smokers Health and Rights Information"></a>

Dissecting Antismokers' Brains

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For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health
For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health

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Mr. Doherty

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MY PERSONAL PLEDGE TO YOU:  It's OFFICIAL - Hosanna Afghan Hounds and the Farley family are BOYCOTTING the entire state of Illinois until such time as Chicago recinds it's smoking ban AND the state of IL takes action to PROTECT PRIVATE PROPERTY rights with respect to SMOKING & LEGAL substances and activities.  
This means I would like to see STATE LEGISLATION that WILL PROTECT PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS statewide.
There is a lot more information about this issue at my website, http://www.aalf.ws/smokingmad/ .  There are links to much more health information, also many more economic studies of effects of bans, and lots of related info - even humor.  I hope you will take a good close look at it. 
I pray folks will wake up about this before it's too late.  This country has been in similar situations as this before.  Of course, there was the huge mistake of the 1930s alcohol prohibition.  It is probably NOT a coincidence that the Great Depression followed so soon after prohibition, either. 
But it seems most have forgotten why we are not still paying our taxes to ENGLAND, nor bowing to a king or queen.  Yes, there was a big list of grievances in the Declaration of Independence.  But it was an unreasonable tax on TEA that was the straw that broke that camels' back and started the American Revolution.

Interesting that it was a CAFFEINE beverage; caffeine and nicotine are chemically similar, and have similar effects.  Yes, EXACTLY THIS SAME SORT OF ISSUE has started MORE THAN ONE REAL BLOODY WAR in the past.  And those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it (I don't remember right now who said that : ).

I am praying that this time the war will be of IDEAS, ECONOMICs, and at the POLLS.  If you are politicians who are taking a LONG view, and worrying about keeping your places, you ignore this issue at your own peril.  And, just because the anti-smoking forces have SO much $$$ to make so much noise, do not forget they are a TINY MINORITY of the voters. AND THEY ARE LIARS!

If you wish to know more about who I am, here is my resume:
Lynda Farley
532 Farley Road,
Edmonton, KY, 42129

Dissecting Antismokers' Brains

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Smoking Ban in Chicago

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To put this Anti-Smoking Facts card on your webpage,.  Copy & use the code in the box.

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For those who feel as I do, to the right is the complete list of Chicago aldermen's emails, so you can send them a few words of your own.  Councilman Doherty, the only ONE to vote AGAINST this idiocy, is left off this list.