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in front of the US Capitol building in Washington DC .

Woe unto you, lawyers  Anti-smoking is a scam health lies stuff coffers of lawyers drug companies and the anti-smoking industry  SMOKERS BOYCOTT Lexington KY, ME Maine MT Montana ND North Dakota NY New York40 years, I'd rather fight than quit Hosanna Afghan Hounds the Most Beautiful Dogs on the WWW.  My family VOTES AND SHOPS

photograph of Liberty Van smokers rights in front of the United States Capitol Building on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2007

close up picture/photo of smoker's rights van/liberty van in Montgomery, AL writing includes End Eminent Domain Abuse

Woe unto you lawyers, Anti-smoking is a scam.  Health lies stuff tax, lawyer, drug company, + anti-smoking industry coffers SMOKERS BOYCOTT LOUISIANA only ijits believe a species which survived by cooking and heating by burning all kind of stuff is suddenly being killed off by someone else's tobacco smoke  Merry Christmas 40 years I'd rather fight than quit States protect private property rights from counties, cities, and voters Hosanna Afghan Hounds the Most Beautiful dogs on the www My Dogs Vote speaking the truth in love please don't litter, God Bless America  BOYCOTT HSUS  Smokin' Kentucky Granny

Drivers side picture of Liberty Van smokers rights van with Valentine's Day  decorations and heart lights

picture driver's side close up front and mid doors of Liberty Van smokers rights van wording says anti-smoking is a scam. Health lies stuff coffers of lawyers drug companies and the antismoking industry Feds please protect private property rights from states cities and voters
photograph close up of Liberty Can front, Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty, Liberate the People's Republic of glasgow
close up photograph of passenger side of smokers rights liberty van, words say smokers pet owners boycott, picture of smoking ban states map, boot the mayor, fire gilles meloche

The anti-smoking groups are being funded not only with hundreds of millions of YOUR tax dollars every year; the DRUG COMPANIES are dumping more hundreds of millions into them as well.  See Free Report:

Drug Companies Fund Smoking Bans

Right NOW, the anti-smoking industry is sending TEAMS OF PROFESSIONALS around from state to state (or city by city and county by county where they think they can't get the whole state), and trying to SHOVE smoking bans in where folks DON'T EVEN WANT THEM.  It is possible they are BUYING OFF our city councils and county commissions.  I can not imagine ANY other way they managed to get cities such as Louisville & Lexington, KY. 

Also see: How Anti-smokers are Shoving in Bans

This is a WORLD WIDE thing.  Think of the MULTIPLE PROFIT CENTERS for the DRUG Companies IF they can GET RID OF TOBACCO USE.  Smokers who quit will buy WEIGHT LOSS meds, PROZAC and other 'stress' drugs.  Asthma goes UP, sales of Asthma meds do too.  Ulcerative Colitis & Crone's Disease go up & sales of meds for those goes up.  Smokers have 70% less Alzheimer's Disease, and 73% less Parkinson's Disease.  Those are yet MORE profit centers for the pharmaceutical industry, IF they can get rid of their COMPETITOR--the tobacco industry.   SEE


        Benefits of Nicotine        &       Big Drug's Nicotine War

picture of 3/4 rear view of smokers rights/liberty van wording says SMOKERS BOYCOTT ALL SMOKING BAN STATES AND CITIES if you love freedom join us, boycott the United People's Republics of America Pets are PRIVATE PROPERTY paws OFFNO NAIS National Animal Identification System

It's been WONDERFUL FUN traveling everywhere with the Liberty Van.  It has been getting about 99% positive signals to 1% negative from those who notice it.  We are getting waves, SMILES, cheers, and applause.  A whole car full were all hanging out their windows blowing kisses at us one day in Calabasas, PR of CA.  Even most of those who seem not to agree are SMILING.  Even the great majority of those who DO NOT SMOKE tell me they think the anti-smoking movement has gone WAY TOO FAR.  Gee, many of them LIVE WITH, LOVE, have FAMILY or FRIENDS who ARE SMOKERS.  THEY don't like to see their grandmothers freezing out in -40 degree wind chill in The People's Republic of Washington State! (for instance)   We've met MANY FANTASTIC people.  LOTS of picture takers, TOO. 

This is NOT about 'me'.  It's about FREEDOM.  I call this the Liberty Van (rather than 'smoker's rights van') because it's about preserving ALL our private property rights in this country.  Besides attacks on business owners rights via smoking bans, and attacks on animal owner's rights due to AR sponsored legislation (plus the -Federal-National Animal Identification System), we have abuses of eminent domain.  All our homes are now in danger from any 'tin hat' city council, now that our 'supreme court' has defined 'wanting a bigger tax base' to be a 'government use' of YOUR home you've worked for all your life.

The SUPREME 'PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS issue is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.  Just WHO OWNS the USA--the CITIZENS, or those who sneak across our border???

We ARE in a WAR here, and I am NOT talking about the one in Iraq.  I think the war in Iraq is a DISTRACTION to take our minds OFF what's going on RIGHT HERE.  If there is NO freedom in the United States of America, what hope is there for the rest of the world???

We will continue this project in 2007, and until FREEDOM & PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS are RESPECTED & RESTORED EVERYWHERE IN THE USA.

It seems state & federal legislators, city councils & county commissions everywhere - not to mention voters & judges - are drunk with power.

"The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. Property must be sacred or liberty cannot exist." John Adams.

For all those who 'don't smoke, and don't care', consider THIS: "He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself." Thomas Paine

US Supreme Court Decision - Private property rights - Lloyd Corp. v. Tanner, 407 U.S. 551 (1972),

"In a U.S. Supreme court decision during the early 1970's.............., the Supreme Court said a place of business does not become public property just because the public is invited in. By that same reasoning, a restaurant or bar is not public property."

Smoking bans on PRIVATE PROPERTY are ALREADY UNconstitutional.  So, they're after our animals too, and the People's Republic of New York has just banned doughnuts (transfats).  Some state last year was trying to ban fireplaces.  Some of them want BIG SIN TAXES on SODA now, as well.  Isn't COMMUNISM (COMMUNAL PROPERTY) wonderful ??? <NOT!!!>

Yes, I'm obsessed. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY.  I have 6 kids & 5 grandkids (so far) and I don't want THEM to live in a communist country.  For those who don't 'get it' yet, please check these out:

"In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property." (Karl Marx)

"In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things." (Karl Marx)

"In all these movements they bring to the front, as the leading question in each, the property question, no matter what its degree of development at the time." (Karl Marx)

If you have not read this The Communist Manifesto

& The Bull, Cape, & MatadorPLEASE do.

The balloons are from the decorations of our dog show grooming area set up at the Kentuckiana Cluster of dog shows in The People's Republic of Louisville.  A couple of them there say,

'Like FREEDOM?  Make NOISE!'  That in a nutshell is really what the Liberty Van is about.  We LOVE FREEDOM, and it's part of our attempt to make just as much 'NOISE' about that as possible!

The Louisville Mayor, Jerry Abramson, has regular monthly meetings for the public.  Many of those concerned about the anti-pet legislation there have attended these meetings, including me.  I've brought this type of balloons to those meetings, with such things as 'REPEAL SMOKE BAN', and 'REPEAL BAD PET LAW' on them.

In fact, the AR extremists are TIED IN with the anti-smoking forces and they are ON THE SAME SIDE.


BOTH the 'Animal RADICAL' ('rights?')

AND Anti-smoking movements

are on the side of


driver side picture of liberty van
photograph of the liberty van smokers rights VAN in front of Kentucky State Capitol building in Frankfort, KY

I made a quick trip to Maryland the first couple of days of February, then attended dog shows in Indianapolis, IN February 8-11.  We had a good time cruising the statehouse with the Liberty Van.  I did notice new closed storefronts in the downtown area since my last visit there. 

For Valentine's Day, February 14 and 15th, I visited the US Capitol in Washington DC.  In addition to the anti-smoking issue, I am very much against all the anti pet and anti animal OWNER legislation that is being foisted on us at every level of our government.  One of my dogs made this trip with me.  For more information about the Animal Radical movement that is threatening ALL our rights to own our pets and animals, CLICK HERE

close up of rear photograph of liberty van smokers rights VAN
photograph of Joshua, an Afghan Hound, wearing blanket which says, Pets are private property - PAWS OFF - NO NAIS, with Lynda Farley

Following are a few pictures of the Valentine's Day decorations.  There were strings of pink heart lights along both roof racks, across the front, and around the rear.

I was also touring The People's Republic of Louisville, Kentucky whenever I could.  I often put temporary special purpose signs on the van, particular to the area where I am.  Boot the Mayor is for Jerry Abramson, the mayor of Louisville, who does not respect ANY form of private property rights.  There is HUGE abuse of eminent domain

Lynda Farley with Joshua, an Afghan Hound, with United States Capitol building in the background - Washington DC, on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2007
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As of 10/12/07 the Liberty Van has traveled about 75,000 miles, all over the USA, since 12/05
Anti-Smoking is a SCAM! Health LIES $tuff Coffer$ of Lawyers, Drug Cos. & Anti-Smoking INDUSTRY. WHY would they LIE?
SMOKERS & FREEDOM Lovers BOYCOTT ALL Smoking-ban States, Couties, & Cities! Boycott/Ban Map
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This one's VERY amusing to re-read! Orwell got it a bit backwards. Instead of outlawing sex, and everyone comforting themselves with cigarettes, we seem to be doing it the other way around.


NEW BOOK By Former BMJ Editor, Dr. Richard Smith. Medical journals have become "creatures of the drug industry" rife with fraudulent research and packed with articles ghost written by pharmaceutical companies."


More Liberty Van NEWS & PHOTO Pages:  LATEST Photos ~ October 2007~ Washington DC First Amendment Rights Tickets ~ Spring 2007~ IL-IN-GA-FL-TN-AL-KY ~ Ban Damage Frankfort, KY| ~ Valentines & StPatricks Days 2007 ~ Liberty Van 1 Year Old - 12/06 ~ 2nd NE Ban States - 10/06 ~ 1st Amendment Ticket & CA 7/4/06 ~ 2 Trips to CA 3/06-5/06 ~ KY 3/3/06 ~ Chicago 2/06 ~ NE Ban States Tour 1/06 ~ The Birth of the Liberty Van - 12/05 ~
As of 10/12/07 the Liberty Van has traveled about 75,000 miles, all over the USA, since 12/05

Some people have asked me what the art work is made of.
Most of the decorations are contact paper & 'funky foam', and held on with carpet tape, and duct tape.  It DOES come off, as I've been replacing quite a bit of it. : )
Some of the paint is acrylic, and a lot of it's fabric paint.  The fabric paint comes in all sorts of interesting textures and with special effects - metallic, sparkles, etc, and seems to be extremely weather proof.  I used lots of glitter, also.  These pics really don't do justice to how pretty it looks.  I've used florescent, and glow in the dark paints, so it shows up well at night also.
Most of it has held up amazingly well with all kinds of weather conditions - blizzards, -3 degrees, gale force winds, and torrential downpours. The foam stuff doesn't seem to like heat, though, and expands and gets bubbles when it's hot. I'm currently testing something to fix that. Yes, I do have supplies of my craft stuff with me, and have occasionally had to repair or replace something.
I have been obeying ALL traffic laws, and being polite to all.  I have had ALMOST no trouble whatsoever with police or anyone else.  If anything, drivers behind me have been giving me more room than usual - almost no one is tailgating.  When I signal to change lanes, almost everyone backs off and makes room for me to go <G>.  I'll bet my risk of someone stealing my van is WAY lower than before <VBG>.  I do tend to make sure I'm parked where I can keep an eye on it, though, or have someone keep an eye on it for me, just in case anyone would attempt to vandalize it.  Have not had any incidents like that yet.  I always try to park in the location with best visibility, and most traffic.
Have been getting LOTS of waves, smiles, victory signs, cigarettes waved at me, thumbs up, and very very rarely a 'thumb down' (but all have seemed polite).  I have now lost count of the number of folks who have said, 'I love what you're doing', and 'your van is awesome'.  Occasionally we are getting outright cheers and applause!  This IS NOT about 'me', though. It's about FREEDOM, and losing our country! I don't think I've EVER had so much fun.  I highly recommend trying this to anyone else who has a bit of an 'adventuresome' spirit, and some creative abilities.
Of course, this is now 'hand wash' only <LOL>.
You are welcome to share this.
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Lynda Farley ~ AALF ~ An American who Loves Freedom

AKA: 'Smokin' Kentucky Granny'

Mom of 6 - Grandma of 5 (so far : )

My Resume
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Edmonton, KY, 42129
(270)432-7272 CST (I'm a night owl : )

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NOTE: A few have asked me who is paying me to do this (ROFLOL!!!!) Answer: Absolutely NO ONE is paying me for this. I have been a full time homemaker for about the past 18 years. Before that, I worked as a computer programmer at IBM Corp. Last time I heard, there are NO secret ties between IBM and the tobacco industry. See My Resume

I am nothing more than a PI__ED OFF (and fairly well educated) Grandma from Kentucky. It doesn't get ANY more 'grassroots' than that!

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happening in Louisville.  In addition, they have an unconstitutional smoking ban on private properties, and since January, 2007, some of the WORST anti-pet legislation in the entire USA.  The subjects of Louisville don't even own their pet bunny rabbits anymore.  Gilles Meloche is the Louisville Metro Animal Services DICTATOR, who is now the de facto owner of all the pets in Louisville.

Pictures rarely do this van justice, as there is lots of glitter, and florescent and glow in the dark paint, and many interesting textures on it.

I attended four days of dog shows at Louisville on March 15-18.  I had fun touring with the van, and we also enjoyed decorating our set up for St. Patrick's day.  The ONLY money I've spent in Louisville in the past year or so is for quarters for the parking meters to park the Liberty Van in front of the Mayor's office, or Metro Hall--every chance I get.  I don't know if I mentioned elsewhere, but I have a large family--6 kids.  I do LOTS of shopping, but NOT in communist cities, counties, and states <G>

picture of dog show and smokers boycott of Louisville Kentucky on St. Patrick's day 2007 photos of empty Executive Inn parking lot, right across the street from the Kentucky Expo center, on the biggest day of the biggest dog show in America
helium baloons used at dog show in Louisville Kentucky saying Boycott Louisville BOYCOTT HSUS repeal bad pet law, pets are private property repeal smoking ban boot Louisville mayor and council fire Louisville Metro Animal Services director gilles meloche
Picture of Lynda Farley and the Liberty Van taken for newspaper article, Glasgow Daily Times

About the end of February, I was interviewed by the local paper, the Glasgow (KY) Daily Times.  I was very disappointed with the article, as she totally garbled the ideas presented by the van.  They did take a pretty nice picture, though (at left). 

Soon after, when I'd already taken off the Valentine's Day decorations in preparation for decorating for St. Patrick's Day, we -that is my daughter, Rose, and I, were interviewed by the WBKO News, the local Bowling Green, KY TV station.  They did a nice short spot on the news.    CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

I really do NOT care whether or not I ever 'get' any publicity. It is NOT ABOUT ME.  It's about FREEDOM for EVERYONE, and the ideas and ideals!

OF COURSE, I HAD to decorate for St. Patrick's Day. 

My name IS FARLEY!