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Posted March 24, 2006
Hi,  I just LOVE that Jeff Foxworthy song, 'Here's Your (stoopid) Sign'.  Had FUN at Louisville dog shows this weekend.  Had van parked right in front of KY Expo center for about 5 days (Wed-Sun), and besides 4,200+ dog show entries, there were other events there as well - basketball game Fri. night, concert Sat. night, etc., so LOADS of folks had plenty of time while stuck in parking lot traffic there to read the van. <VBG>
Of course, we are now forced to smoke outdoors (was freezing some mornings), RIGHT NEXT TO the LARGEST AIRPORT IN KY.  On Thursday I thought, gee, we REALLY NEED WARNING signs about that, since we have to have warnings on cigarette packs now, so I made some up with yellow paper and red magic marker I had with me.  Had FUN with those - they got lots of laughs, but also were making the point with some folks.  Especially the non-smokers had NOT been aware that THIS IS the true situation.  I think for the 'public health' these NEED to be posted IN AND everywhere within about 30 miles of ANY airport. : )
Airport Warning Sign:
Also, ALLERGY season is just getting started big here, so I am already having to take my meds for that.  But every time I entered this building with all that hair spraying on all those dogs, and all the stuff folks are wearing, I had to double up on the allergy meds.  Walked by the poodle ring one time, where about 40 poodles were waiting to go in, and about 10 of the handlers had cans of spray out, spraying, and just about killed me, so thought of this second sign.
Water Warning Sign: I'd just LOVE to see those popping up in restaurants and by water fountains all over, posted prominently in all restaurants, hospitals, schools, and anywhere else someone might be able to ingest water. 
THE POINT IS: ***NONE*** of this is hurting ANYONE.
We are a species who SURVIVED by BURNING stuff to cook and stay warm.
If you believe in EVOLUTION - humans ARE ADAPTED to smoke in their environment,
      due to it's presence in human environments for MILLENIA.
      There may be NEGATIVE consequences to getting rid of all environmental smoke.
      It is a fact that since we've artificially created something which NEVER EXISTED
      in human environments BEFORE: 'smoke free air' - due to smoking bans
- ASTHMA is UP about 500% & RISING, lung cancer is still rising & more...
If you believe the BIBLE, there are almost 400 references to offerings AND incense
being burned INSIDE God's Temple AT His COMMAND.
      God would NEVER command something that is 'unhealthy' for humans.
      I'm sure GOD did not need the EPA to tell Him how many 'carcinogens' there are in a burnt offering.
      This gives me the idea that SMOKE PURIFIES
CLICK HERE Smoking Christians
ADOLF HITLER HATED SMOKE. He ran the SAME KIND of ANTI-smoking 'education' programs in
      NAZI Germany that are being used in classrooms in the USA & elsewhere in the world NOW.
      I'm pretty sure the DEVIL MUST HATE SMOKE, as HE IS GOING TO BURN!
Recently, I saw research showing INCENSE HAS ALL the SAME stuff that is in cigarette smoke,
(this for my friend who makes me
smoke outdoors in the snow when visiting her, and when I go into her home,
I choke on the INCENSE she loves, as I have ALLERGIES
- and ditto for my non-smoking friends who love those scented CANDLES )

Both of these WARNING SIGNS are the correct size for an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, and should be printed in 'LANDSCAPE' mode
Print this file on the back in PORTRAIT mode: print-on-back-of warningsigns.txt .
They can be printed on card stock, or plain paper.  I laminated one of each for passing around in groups and restaurants, and posting on my van.  I posted both of these prominently in my grooming set up for the days of the shows.
There are TWO ways these WARNING signs can be used. 
Informal: You are WELCOME to COPY, PRINT, POST, DISTRIBUTE, and forward THESE WARNING SIGNS to like minded friends : ), so anyone in the world who is public spirited may print them out and start posting them anywhere they are needed.  This should be a lot of FUN for some people.
Formal:  Perhaps if there are those who are civic minded, they will formally take them to city & county councils, and/or state legislators where there are private property smoking bans.  IF 2nd hand smoke is REALLY the 'deadly danger' they say it is, then they should be MORALLY OBLIGATED to REQUIRE warning signs such as these be posted in ALL appropriate areas.  After all, since they have now gotten rid of the 'danger' of 2nd hand smoke, WHAT will they blame problems on NOW?  I would think cities, states, etc. are now LEGALLY LIABLE for ANY problems anyone has due to these 'dangers', and could be SUED for NOT WARNING folks.  The Airport Warnings should be required anywhere near airports, and the Water Warnings should be required ANYWHERE it's possible folks might ingest water - all restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, water fountains everywhere.  OR, maybe when every one's done LAUGHING, they will admit that the 'danger' of 2nd hand smoke is a FRAUD, and DROP the UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRIVATE PROPERTY smoking bans?
If you have ideas for other needed signs such as this, let me know - I'll make them up too.

I learned these and many other interesting facts from:

One thing I know - if 6 (or however many) city council members can that easily vote IN a ban, they are ABLE just as easily to VOTE IT OUT again.  You will have a job to VOTE ALL OF THE ANTIS OFF your city council - and make sure their replacements (no matter WHICH party they belong to) believe in TRUTH and PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.

This is why I have been giving the benefit of the doubt for those areas that have passed a PRIVATE PROPERTY smoking ban. BOYCOTTING does not start until the ban actually goes into effect. I am hoping that in some cases sanity could return, and it could be overturned BEFORE it goes into effect. That would save a LOT of future trouble.

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