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Smoker's Rights Van Tour People's Republic of Chicago & Indianapolis 2/17-2/20
Posted 2/22/2006
I'm in process of redoing the van art.  Looks like it could take a while for enough folks to catch on, and will need the moving billboard for awhile, so decided to make it prettier.  There's one sign I haven't replaced yet, but got most of the rest of it done.  Here are pics of the new look:
Notice that American Flag.  There is no swastika on it, nor a hammer and sickle. 
There ARE red stripes that symbolize the blood that was shed by those who fought
and died to give us a FREE country.
Feb.  17-18 I traveled to Chicago, IL.  On Saturday, I toured PR of Chicago for several hours, then attended meeting with IL Smoker's Rights.  They are just getting started, and I hope they will get something going.  They have some very worthy goals, including overturning the Chicago smoking ban, and blocking the current attempt to shove through a state wide ban. More INFO:  On the way home, on the 19th, I toured Bloomington, Normal, Springfield, and Champaign.  Did our shopping in Champaign (couple hundred $ at Sam's Club, Home Depot, & Michaels + a gas stop) since we are proud of THEM for rejecting a smoking ban there recently.

On our way home from Chicago, we visited Indianapolis again. It's a lovely city, with some especially awesome war memorials.   Indy will turn people's republic on March 1.   BOYCOTT of Indianapolis, IN starts then.
Van is getting thumbs up, waves, applause, CHEERS, folks flicking their lighters at me, etc. everywhere.  Also some stunned (sort of deer in headlights) looks, which are funny.  I guess some anti-smokers aren't used to being talked back too.  Only 2 (polite) 'thumbs down' entire trip (1,300 miles - amazing) - I waved my flag at them, and said a prayer for them.  Since all the news, 'edukation', tv, radio (all media) seems to be pretty much wholly owned subsidiary of pharmaceutical cos & anti-smoking industry now, we will just have to be creative to exercise our first amendment rights.  Too many smokers have been too intimidated by it all to speak up in person, really hasn't been much way for truth to come out.  Van makes a GREAT bill board.  Good thing I LOVE to drive.  We will have to do it like they did back before we had all this press, tv, etc. - word of mouth, and flyers/pamphlets.  And we have the www now : )  I have started, and also a few others - I am hoping it will catch on BIG.
I rode all around Chicago, Indy, also Springfield (Statehouse and down town) with my flag high (out the window) slowly - cruise control set on 20 mph - with LOUD music (Revolution Cry - Passion Worship Band <VBG>, and handing out flyers at stop lights, etc.  ALL the news people are trying SO HARD to IGNORE me.  I am sure they hope I will go away, but I won't.  I don't care what anyone thinks - the truth is the truth.  I put 40,000 miles on that van last year.  My son is in S. FL, daughter & grandkids in VT, sister in WA, and dad in 'Lost' Angeles.  And nobody in my family has been on an airplane since smoking bans.  Did People's Republic of Louisville on my way home, too.
I am someone who values our US Constitution a lot.  Private Property rights are a key difference between our system and communism.  Private property is the goose that lays the golden eggs in this country.  Governments do NOT produce ANY wealth - individuals working, and PRIVATELY OWNED businesses (since we ARE NOT a communist country) do.  Communism is a prescription for national poverty - even the Russians have had sense enough to dump it.  Their farmers were known to allow whole crops to rot in the fields while millions of their people starved, because their workers knew they wouldn't get one bean more than anyone else no matter how hard they worked.  The joke was 'we pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us'.  Private property rights - the belief that anyone at all in this country can invest their OWN resources of money and energy to build a business - and maybe if they do it really well can make out like Donald Trump is THE reason the USA has produced more wealth than any other country in the history of the world.  People have HUGE MOTIVATION when they OWN their businesses.
Our property rights are under attack from all directions.  Besides the 'animal rights' wackos and the smoke nazis, there is the NAIS - where if you own so much as a SINGLE horse, cow, goat, etc. you will be expected to chip and register it with USDA as part of the 'national herd'.  Sorry, but MY cow is MY cow.  Only in the USSR, or People's Republic of China (or maybe Nazi Germany) would I consider it part of a 'national herd'.  And we have the land grabs going on with abuses of EPA (endangered species act) and eminent domain...  all kinds of stuff like that going on. 
When are we going to learn???
Some dodo at Indianapolis dog shows (2/11/06) told me 'all the private businesses belong to the voters because we are a democracy'.  Wouldn't Karl Marx be so proud?  I told him to READ our US Constitution.  We have a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC - a rule of LAW - NOT a 'democracy'.  Also, recite the Pledge of Allegiance - 'and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands'.  Marx said 'We must win the war for democracy'.  Democracy has NEVER ever worked in all of history. It is a formalized version of 'mob rule', where the majority can vote away the rights of minorities, and they always go bankrupt as soon as the voters learn they can vote themselves largess from the treasury.  Marx's plan was to destabilize countries by helping to bring in 'democracy'.  Then the countries are ripe for takeover by dictator, or communist revolution.
I do not drink alcohol - I am 'righteous' and 'better' than others. <G>  Alcohol kills millions, STINKS to high heaven, and IS a class A carcinogen.  In fact, looking at the actual science studies (oh, and I made an A in college statistics ), I find that alcohol correlates more highly with lung, mouth, throat, esophageal, and many other cancers than smoking.  YET, I do NOT want alcohol prohibition for 2 reasons. 
1.  This is the USA - a FREE country, where folks who own their businesses have PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.  Besides, I have 2 feet that DO NOT have to walk into a bar. 
2.  IT DID NOT WORK.  Smoking prohibition IS NOT going to work any better.
The People's Republic of California has a 'level playing field' - a state wide smoking ban.  Guess how much it's cost them SO FAR???? 100 BILLION - there are 3,000 fewer restaurants and bars in that state than there should be based on their past 10 years of economic growth, and compared with their neighboring states, also compared with overall growth of all non-smoking ban states.  There is a very interesting report here: , which by the way does NOT take into account all the SUPPLIERS of those 3,000 non-existent businesses.  That's a HECK of a lot of jobs & business (& personal income) taxes.  The 'level playing field' is a MUCH SMALLER 'field' than before their smoking ban.  They are having SEVERE budget problems there.
Guess WHO is probably going to make up for the economic shortfall of Lexington and Louisville's smoking bans???? The REST of the taxpayers in KY, I'll just bet.  We've already exported most of our tobacco industry to Brazil, due to these LIES.  How's it going to help our economy if we also decimate our hospitality industry???  The rest of the taxpayers of IN will pay for Indianapolis' ban too - just like IL taxpayers will pay for Chicago's.  
And LIES - YES.  Over past 20 years or so, hundreds of millions (probably billions so far) of MY (AND YOUR) tax $ have been spent in an attempt to brainwash everyone into believing that a species which SURVIVED by heating and cooking by BURNING wood, coal, peat, DUNG, and whatever else humans could figure out how to burn - for MILLENNIA (if you believe the evolution gospel), is suddenly being killed off by someone ELSE's tobacco smoke (ROFLOL).  Have been laughing about this for about 20 years, but NOT laughing any more - now that we are revoking private property rights - the right of the OWNERS of businesses to choose themselves what they want in THEIR businesses.  BTW, we still heat with WOOD at MY house.  Sorry, we can all quit smoking here, but WE WILL STILL "STINK" like SMOKE - and our Afghan Hounds too.  : )  Some stoopid state is also trying to outlaw FIREPLACES now.  And coming soon - maybe the day will come when you will be expected to bath and wash your clothes in baking soda before coming out in public:
Links to tons of health & economic info here:
The Lord has blessed me with a VERY BIG mouth <G>.  And he does NOT love SCAMS - lies for purpose of ripping off hundreds of billions.  By the way, the governments make out big time on these lies, too.  They are raking in hundreds of billions in tobacco taxes that have far surpassed EXTORTION levels.  And guess what??? SMOKERS DO NOT pay them - EVERYONE ELSE does.  Smokers are not the government.  They don't just go print themselves up some more money when they don't have enough.  NO, they shift spending from SOME OTHER PART of their budget.  Those extortion tobacco taxes are getting SUCKED right up out of the GENERAL ECONOMY, just like ALL taxes.  Sales of EVERYTHING - goods & services are being impacted by this.  I am continually amazed at how gullible folks are.  Telling us they are 'only taxing smokers' is like saying they are only going to dip buckets of water out of the smoker's end of the swimming pool.
I will NOT help ANYONE pretend that a place (state, city, county) without private property rights is a part of the USA.  They are all now part of the United People's Republic of America.  I will do what ever I can by telling the TRUTH (Love the 1st amendment, too : ) to help these places regain their freedom, and rejoin the USA.  I can not vote in most of these places, so only thing I can do is vote with my dollars.  If it catches on and LOTS of freedom lovers and/or smokers also vote with their dollars, maybe some sanity will return. I sure hope so.
I have said hardly a peep about any of this nonsense for all these years, until My Last Straw.  Our whole family of 6 just quit flying, and quit going to movies.  Also, have saved a LOT in stores, as I no longer browse around and buy so much stuff on impulse.  I get in and out with my list asap.  Have saved far more than enough to pay the extortion taxes.  And silly non-smoking taxpayers, who don't realize THEY are paying for it all.  Wonder just how many other smokers have been behaving as our family has?  Or even partly?  Would love to see a study of how much anti-smoking lies have cost society in lost economic activity of ALL kinds?

More Liberty Van NEWS & PHOTO Pages:  LATEST Photos ~ October 2007~ Washington DC First Amendment Rights Tickets ~ Spring 2007~ IL-IN-GA-FL-TN-AL-KY ~ Ban Damage Frankfort, KY| ~ Valentines & StPatricks Days 2007 ~ Liberty Van 1 Year Old - 12/06 ~ 2nd NE Ban States - 10/06 ~ 1st Amendment Ticket & CA 7/4/06 ~ 2 Trips to CA 3/06-5/06 ~ KY 3/3/06 ~ Chicago 2/06 ~ NE Ban States Tour 1/06 ~ The Birth of the Liberty Van - 12/05 ~
As of 10/12/07 the Liberty Van has traveled about 75,000 miles, all over the USA, since 12/05

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