Spring decorations flowers silk flower Leigh's butterflies.  Parked in front of Alabama STATEHOUSE, Montgomery, AL

Woe unto you, lawyers  Anti-smoking is a scam health lies stuff coffers of lawyers drug companies and the anti-smoking industry  SMOKERS Pet owners BOYCOTT Louisville Kentucky KY, 40 years 3 pack per day SMOKER, I'd rather fight than quit Hosanna Afghan Hounds the Most Beautiful Dogs on the WWW.  My family VOTES AND SHOPS

Text Box: photograph picture of front of Liberty Van smokers rights van Where the spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty
Liberate the People's Republic of Louisville , Kentucky KYWarning signs, St Patrick’s Day decorations and lights, Smokin' KY Granny'

Detail rear window, smokers boycott all smoking ban states and cities  protect private property rights join us and picture of American f;ag  Liberty Van smokers rights van parked in front of Illinois statehouse in Springfield IL

For spring, I’ve decked out the van in silk flower leas & feather boa trim, flowers & butterflies.  There are tiny white ‘all occasion’ lights on front & back, and the roof rack. It’s VERY pretty!  The pictures don’t do  it much justice.  Folks are taking all kinds of pictures, where ever we go, and commenting, ‘That’s a BEAUTIFUL

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As of 6/7/07 the Liberty Van has traveled about 55,000 miles, all over the USA, since 12/05
Anti-Smoking is a SCAM! Health LIES $tuff Coffer$ of Lawyers, Drug Cos. & Anti-Smoking INDUSTRY. WHY would they LIE?
SMOKERS & FREEDOM Lovers BOYCOTT ALL Smoking-ban States, Couties, & Cities! Boycott/Ban Map


This one's VERY amusing to re-read! Orwell got it a bit backwards. Instead of outlawing sex, and everyone comforting themselves with cigarettes, we seem to be doing it the other way around.


NEW BOOK By Former BMJ Editor, Dr. Richard Smith. Medical journals have become "creatures of the drug industry" rife with fraudulent research and packed with articles ghost written by pharmaceutical companies."


Some people have asked me what the art work is made of.
Most of the decorations are contact paper & 'funky foam', and held on with carpet tape, and duct tape.  It DOES come off, as I've been replacing quite a bit of it. : )
Some of the paint is acrylic, and a lot of it's fabric paint.  The fabric paint comes in all sorts of interesting textures and with special effects - metallic, sparkles, etc, and seems to be extremely weather proof.  I used lots of glitter, also.  These pics really don't do justice to how pretty it looks.  I've used florescent, and glow in the dark paints, so it shows up well at night also.
Most of it has held up amazingly well with all kinds of weather conditions - blizzards, -3 degrees, gale force winds, and torrential downpours. The foam stuff doesn't seem to like heat, though, and expands and gets bubbles when it's hot. I'm currently testing something to fix that. Yes, I do have supplies of my craft stuff with me, and have occasionally had to repair or replace something.
I have been obeying ALL traffic laws, and being polite to all.  I have had ALMOST no trouble whatsoever with police or anyone else.  If anything, drivers behind me have been giving me more room than usual - almost no one is tailgating.  When I signal to change lanes, almost everyone backs off and makes room for me to go <G>.  I'll bet my risk of someone stealing my van is WAY lower than before <VBG>.  I do tend to make sure I'm parked where I can keep an eye on it, though, or have someone keep an eye on it for me, just in case anyone would attempt to vandalize it.  Have not had any incidents like that yet.  I always try to park in the location with best visibility, and most traffic.
Have been getting LOTS of waves, smiles, victory signs, cigarettes waved at me, thumbs up, and very very rarely a 'thumb down' (but all have seemed polite).  I have now lost count of the number of folks who have said, 'I love what you're doing', and 'your van is awesome'.  Occasionally we are getting outright cheers and applause!  This IS NOT about 'me', though. It's about FREEDOM, and losing our country! I don't think I've EVER had so much fun.  I highly recommend trying this to anyone else who has a bit of an 'adventuresome' spirit, and some creative abilities.
Of course, this is now 'hand wash' only <LOL>.
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NOTE: A few have asked me who is paying me to do this (ROFLOL!!!!) Answer: Absolutely NO ONE is paying me for this. I have been a full time homemaker for about the past 18 years. Before that, I worked as a computer programmer at IBM Corp. Last time I heard, there are NO secret ties between IBM and the tobacco industry. See My Resume

I am nothing more than a PI__ED OFF (and fairly well educated) Grandma from Kentucky. It doesn't get ANY more 'grassroots' than that!

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We went to Montgomery, Alabama April 27-29 for dog shows.  I’d just begun redecorating the van with a ‘spring’ motif.

van’, and similar comments. 


May 4 through May 6, we were at dog shows in Gray Summit, Mosouri.  On our way home, we decided to tour IL a bit.  Their legislature had just passed a statewide smoking ban, to start January 1, 2008.  Though the governor had said he would sign it, some of us figured it would not hurt to try to get him to VETO it.  Otherwise, a boycott of the entire state of IL will start on January 1.


I put signs on both sides of the van, saying,


Danger of ETS is a LIE

Ban COST CA 100 Billion $

As I usually do, I made a new sign for the front hood, so it said ‘Liberate the People’s Republic of Illinois’


I spent Monday, May 7, touring Springfield, and at the statehouse.  I had (as usual) brought copies of one of my flyers, POSTER.  I also had copies of an EXCELLENT article by Michael McFadden,

Fumes, Fun, Sunshine and Smoke

I parked for a couple of hours, and walked through the House office building, handing out copies of these, as well as stickers from our Free Graphics page.  I used a check off list, and managed to get copies of this information to about 2/3 of the House. 


In the afternoon, I drove up to Chicago and toured there in the evening.  On the way up and back I cruised through Bloomington & Normal.  They all have local smoking bans.

On Tuesday morning, I went back to Springfield, and paid a short visit to the Governor’s office.  I left copies of the flyers and my card.  I asked politely that the governor veto the smoking ban.  Smoking bans DO NOT work, they are unconstitutional in the United States of America, the supposed ‘danger’ of ETS is a LIE, and the bans are costing other states hundreds of billions of dollars.


In the evening I toured Champaign & Urbana.  Champaign IL had just in the past week succeeded in OVERTURNING (at least partly) their smoking ban!  They booted TWO council members OUT of office in the elections, and took another vote.  They only overturned the bar ban—which is some progress, though it doesn’t help non-drinkers like me.  And, I will NOT pay for a restaurant meal if I have to ‘enjoy’ the BEST cigarette of the day, the one after I eat, standing outside in inclement weather like the new ‘leper class’.  Oh well, it’s some progress, at least, and PROOF THAT IT CAN BE DONE.

Check out The American Smoker’s Party 


I toured the lovely little downtown restaurant district, but before I could find that, I was stopped by the police.  This has been a VERY rare occurance.  I’ve been driving VERY carefully. This van does attract a LOT of attention, and I have not had a point against my driver’s license since the late ‘70s.  Turned out, someone had called to ‘report’ me.  They said I was ‘harassing’ someone.  Funny, I’d just gotten into town, and was just trying to find downtown.  I had attempted to ask someone next to me at a light.  This officer told me they had to check, as there had been a lot of burglaries.  Now, I can just imagine ANYONE attempting to rob people in a vehicle such as THIS (ROFLOL!!!!!).  I told him it was probably just a disgruntled anti-smoker <G>.  The officers seemed friendly, and I went on my way with no problem.

On May 22, I had to ship a puppy to Mexico from Atlanta, Georgia.  This is the first time I’ve been to The People’s Republic of Georgia since I started the Liberty Van project.


The puppy went early in the morning, so I  toured Atlanta and the Statehouse during morning rush hour, and until about noon.  Then I decided to go down to Tallahassee, as the Liberty Van had not yet been to The People’s Republic of Florida, either, even though I lived in that state for about 30 years..  I headed south, but since I am boycotting both GA and FL, I  took 185 south, so as to come near the border of Alabama, so I could fill my gas tank, eat, buy my ice and coffee and whatever else I needed in Alabama, in The United States of America.


I love my CB radio.  My handle is ‘Smokin’ Kentucky Granny’. Sometimes the truckers will see my van, and start saying things like, ‘hey, what’s that UFO 4 wheeler there, with all the stickers on it?’  I’ll get on there, and say, ‘This is Smokin’ Kentucky Granny.  I’ve had it UP TO HERE with the anti-smoking Nazis, and this is what I’m DOING about it!”  Then I’ll remind them not to buy fuel or spend ANY money in the People’s Republics of America.  If I’m in a ‘free’ state, I’ll list off the smoking ban cities and counties for them.  They reply, 10-4, I HEAR THAT, etc.  Most of them seem to be freedom lovers!

For Memorial Day, I did a quick tour of my own state, Kentucky.  I toured Elizabethtown, Louisville, Frankfort, and Lexington.

I got quite a shock in Frankfort, our state Capitol.



My lovely daughter, Rose, got married on June 30.  She asked me to decorate the van.  It was

'The Bride's Ride' : )

We will continue this project in 2007, and until FREEDOM & PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS are RESPECTED & RESTORED EVERYWHERE IN THE USA.