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Smokers BOYCOTT ALL Smoking Ban States & Cities
Update 12/5/2009
Hi,  I've updated the ban states/Boycott map.  It's attached below.  I've added some of the large People's Republic cities in some states that are overall still free.  If there are more I should add, please let me know.  I'll add them if there is room.  There are QUESTIONS & ANSWERS about the Smoker's Boycott BELOW.
               I will try to keep the map as up to date as possible.  Please help by
               letting me know of changes I haven't got on there yet, or if anything
               is incorrect.
(use LANDSCAPE orientation for printing - recommend 'fast normal' speed to save ink)
AND DO NOT SUPPORT HOSPITALITY businesses that deny smokers comfortable accommodation.
FIRST THING TO DO: EDUCATE YOURSELF about this issue USE THIS LINK to find ALL KINDS of info on this subject.

SOLUTION: Let's see if they can make laws FORCING us to spend our money somewhere!

Q & A about BOYCOTTS:
What is a boycott?  A BOYCOTT is a time honored tradition.  It's a way to VOTE with our DOLLARS - and is especially useful within those areas where we otherwise would HAVE NO vote at all. 
Why a boycott?  It can put economic pressure on certain people & places.  Depending on HOW MUCH participation there is, it can put ALOT of pressure on.  Also, I myself can get SO frustrated with the continual barrage of anti-smoker propaganda, sentiments, etc, and it makes me FEEL SO MUCH BETTER to DO SOMETHING.  It is something I can do almost EVERY DAY to fight back.  Even if it doesn't work, I will continue to do it, as it FELLS GOOD.  In truth, our family of 6 has been boycotting the airlines and movies ever since they first banned smoking.  We just were quiet about it.  NO one really knows how much this has cost these industries so far.  No one has done any sort of study.  I am very sure we aren't the only ones who quit flying, and almost entirely quit going to movies over the past 15-20 years.
Do boycotts work?  YES - if there is enough participation, and if folks who are boycotting are LETTING those who lose due to it KNOW.  Occasionally even the mere THREAT of a boycott has worked wonders. It is kind of like a strike (a SHOPPER's STRIKE : ) and we sure know strikes can work! 

Prior to the first American Revolution, the colonists FORCED King George to repeal tax after tax after stamp tax - BY BOYCOTTING ENGLAND!   When King George then put a tax on TEA, the colonists threw the BOSTON TEA PARTY.   THAT was the spark that ignited the first American Revolution.   Ironic, as TEA contains BOTH caffeine AND nicotine.   The tax on TEA was probably THE biggest mistake King George ever made.   I have wondered how many more decades the colonists might have put up with the rest of the list in the Declaration of Independence, IF King George had not MESSED WITH THEIR DAILY COMFORT (their tea)?

Don't we need LARGE NUMBERS to make a boycott work?   Antis ARE LYING about how many smokers there still are.   They ARE lying about practically everything else.   I have not yet had time to update the rest of my own webpages, but the 20%-25% of reported numbers of smokers (in the USA) is FAR LOWER than the actual number.   I've researched this in more depth recently. It seems the 20-25 includes ONLY cigarette smokers, and it INCLUDES CHILDREN (most of whom do not smoke, so makes the number reported artificially low).   The most recent CDC (Centers for Disease Control) numbers I've seen show 35% of people 18 years old or older (AND OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE) smoke cigarettes at least occasionally.   14% smoke ONLY CIGARS - so you must ADD 35 + 14, AND 2% smoke ONLY PIPES. You must ADD AGAIN = 51% of the total adult population of the USA is STILL smoking tobacco in one form or another, at least occasionally.

One of the goals of the anti-smoking industry propaganda is to INTIMIDATE SMOKERS, and CON us into believing we are a SMALL MINORITY.   This is NOT the TRUTH.   In reality, SMOKERS are probably one of THE largest (adult) constituencies in history!
If even a fraction of those would START WIDESPREAD BOYCOTTING, we probably could bring this (or maybe any other) country to it's senses (or to it's KNEES) in pretty short order.   We have lost so many of our freedoms already - but how WILL they make a law telling me WHERE I must spend my $??? (NOTE: IF nicotine really is 'the most addicting substance known to man', how come THERE IS such a thing as a 'social smoker'?   Have you ever heard of a 'social heroin addict'?   I haven't)
How do we boycott?  In general, think 'Vote with MY dollars'.  I will break the answers down into categories.
    A) BOYCOTT areas you do NOT live in:
            *  plan NO vacations to boycott areas - and be sure to
               WRITE to their tourism board, chamber of commerce, etc.
               if you HAD been planning a trip, then changed your plans.
            *  if forced to drive or travel THROUGH these areas,
               try to minimize ALL purchases of gas and anything
               else not essential.  Bring food in a cooler, so you won't
               have to buy food. If you MUST buy in a
               BAN/BOYCOTT state, BUY NATIVE! Buy gas,
               food, etc. on INDIAN RESERVATIONS!
            *  Cancel ANY services you have that are headquartered in
               ban areas, and acquire services from companies in areas that
               are part of the FREE USA.  I have canceled my Dog Fancy &
               Dog World ads, for instance - as they are headquartered
               in the People's Republic of California.  Be sure to TELL
               THEM when you are canceling WHY you are canceling.
               YOU do not have a vote there, but THEY do!  It is amazing
               how many SMOKERS I am getting on the phone doing this!
               If you get one of those BE SURE to give them a website
               address for information - I highly recommend FORCES,
               SMOKERSCLUB, or you are welcome to use mine - links
               to those and more are there. [note:  I like my T-Mobile cell
               service, and hate to cancel it, but have discovered they are
               HQd in the People's Republic of WA.  I am planning to write
               a letter to the CEO, explaining that I am very concerned about
               PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS in our NON-communist USA.
               I will ASK them what their company's policy is, & what is the
               CEO's attitude toward this issue.  Will they work to restore
               private property in their state?  IF not, I WILL cancel - as that
               is the ONLY vote I have there.  I am sure there are plenty of other
               good cell phone providers, and my contract HAS run out <G>.]
            *  When shopping at home, always try to avoid buying produce
               or products produced in BOYCOTT areas.  Stop buying fruit
               from CA, WA, FL, GA, etc.  Think global, too - no Irish
               whiskey, etc. (guess we need a WORLD Boycott map now). 
    B) BOYCOTT areas you DO live in:
            *  If you live near enough to a FREE area, bundle your shopping
               and buy as much of your gas, groceries, and EVERYTHING
               else OUTSIDE your BOYCOTT area as you can. 
               Bonus: You may be able to ENJOY a smoke with a
               restaurant meal on shopping trips.
            *  If you are not close enough to a border to a FREE area, consider
               MOVING.  If that is not convenient, then do the best you can to
               spend as many dollars as possible elsewhere.
            *  Order goods from catalogs or online.  Be careful of ordering tobacco
               as some states have been very nasty about getting customer records
               from companies selling tobacco. (MUST be a violation of our privacy
               rights?)  But there are ALL kinds of companies online now, and just
               about everything (including the kitchen sink) can be gotten this way.
               Deal only with companies headquartered in the FREE USA (or other
               FREE countries).  Try to avoid products manufactured or produced
               in ban/boycott areas.
In General, vote with ALL your dollars as much as possible. 
               to be about nicotine, it IS NOT ABOUT nicotine - IT'S ABOUT SMOKING : ).
               Smokers are most often uncomfortable without smoking because
               THAT's how we DEAL WITH STRESS.   It happens that there IS NICOTINE
               AND the tobacco companies DID NOT put it there - GOD (or evolution) did!
            *  BOYCOTT ALL 'hospitality' businesses and transportation
               which deny COMFORTABLE accomodation for SMOKING.
               We BOYCOTT ALL AIRLINE, BUS, and TRAINS
                 PLUS WESTIN HOTELS, and 'smoke free' restaurants.
               We will begin BOYCOTTING MARIOTT HOTELS AS SOON AS THEY become 'smoke free'.
               A 'NO SMOKING' sign is a NOT WELCOME sign for MY family of 8!
            *  BOYCOTT all PRODUCTS that are NOT 'SMOKER FRIENDLY'..  
               For example, DO NOT BUY NISSAN vehicles. They have NO ashtrays
               available at all, and are therefore NOT SAFE for smokers.
               NOTE: the ONLY reason the Liberty Van is a Nissan is because the
               salespeople LIED to us : (. SO I think it's poetic justice to use it this way : ).
               BOYCOTT ALL vehicle manufacturers who DO NOT HAVE
               SAFE ashtrays and lighters available in their vehicles.
            *  Join NY-CLASH in boycotting the dishonest 'health' organizations
               such as ACS and ALA, who are using our $ to spread propaganda
               about smoking, instead of spending money to find CURES.
            *  Withhold contributions to ANY and ALL candidates for ANY public
               office, AND parties who will not make a solid commitment to uphold
               PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.  Don't know about you, but I get ALOT
               of phone calls asking for contributions.  I have been giving them ALL an
               ear full.  And amazing, MANY of the callers are SMOKERS, so I am
               sharing the website links.  And, they are STILL calling.
            *  Start talking about PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS, and the difference
               between our American system and communism.  Communism has
               been PROVEN by history over and over again to be a RECIPE for
               NATIONAL POVERTY.   Also talk about the fact that you are boycotting
            *  BE POLITE at ALL TIMES.  For those who aren't nice, be kind, and
               pray for them.   It's hard to get mad at all the BRAINWASHED
               people.     Most of them did NOT ask to be brainwashed, and
               we've been spending 100s of millions of YOUR tax dollars for YEARS to brainwash them.
            *  PLEASE DON'T LITTER.  All over the USA, LITTERING  is being used as an EXCUSE to BAN SMOKING in OUTDOOR AREAS.   In some places, there IS GREAT DANGER OF FIRES.   Please get in the habit of USING your vehicle's ash trays, and NOT throwing live buts out.   When walking, if disposal isn't available, put buts in your pocket until you find a garbage can, or carry a pocket ash tray.   If you change your habits like this, you WILL be doing a little bit to HELP smokers everywhere.   Littering is YUCKY wheather or not people smoke.
            *  Help GET THE WORD OUT.  You are welcome to print this map and
               post and distribute it.  Post it on community bulletin boards, mail it to
               your family and friends - include this letter also, if you like. 
               Post the map on your website, or LINK to this page.
               Hang it on the wall in your office - ESPECIALLY in a BAN area.
               Laminate it and use it for a BUMPER STICKER.  Since almost ALL
               of our media, public 'edukation' system, health system, etc. seem
               to have become wholly owned subsidiaries of 'Big Pharma' and the
               Anti-smoking Industry, we must BE CREATIVE.

            *  This is NOT ONLY about smoking.  This is about our private property
               RIGHTS.  When someone says, 'I don't care because I don't smoke',
               I say, 'that's fine - I don't drink, but I also DON'T want alcohol prohibition.
               This IS the USA, NOT the United People's Republic of America.  Also,
               prohibition DID NOT WORK.'  We can not allow our neighbors rights
               to be taken away without putting our OWN in jeopardy.  They are
               ALREADY now coming after our FOOD.
He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from
opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will
reach himself.  ~Thomas Paine
Have FUN,

One thing I know - if 6 (or however many) city council members can that easily vote IN a ban, they are ABLE just as easily to VOTE IT OUT again. You will have a job to VOTE ALL OF THE ANTIS OFF your city council - and make sure their replacements (no matter WHICH party they belong to) believe in TRUTH and PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.

This is why I have been giving the benefit of the doubt for those areas that have passed a PRIVATE PROPERTY smoking ban. BOYCOTTING does not start until the ban actually goes into effect. I am hoping that in some cases sanity could return, and it could be overturned BEFORE it goes into effect. That would save a LOT of future trouble. IF YOU live in an area that has already approved a ban that is NOT YET IN EFFECT, please WORK TOWARD OVERTURNING IT BEFORE it starts. Talk about the Smoker's Boycott, and let your public officials and business contacts KNOW about this.

By the way, the governments make out big time on these lies, too.  They are raking in hundreds of billions in tobacco taxes that have far surpassed EXTORTION levels.  And guess what??? SMOKERS DO NOT pay them - EVERYONE ELSE does.  Smokers are not the government.  They don't just go print themselves up some more money when they don't have enough.  NO, they shift spending from SOME OTHER PART of their budget.  Those extortion tobacco taxes are getting SUCKED right up out of the GENERAL ECONOMY, just like ALL taxes.  Sales of EVERYTHING - goods & services are being impacted by this.  I am continually amazed at how gullible folks are.  Telling us they are 'only taxing smokers' is like saying they are only going to dip buckets of water out of the OTHER end of the swimming pool.
I will NOT help ANYONE pretend that a place (state, city, county) without private property rights is a part of the USA.  They are all now part of the United People's Republic of America.  I will do what ever I can by telling the TRUTH (Love the 1st amendment, too : ) to help these places regain their freedom, and rejoin the USA.  I can not vote in most of these places, so only thing I can do is vote with my dollars.  If it catches on and LOTS of freedom lovers and/or smokers also vote with their dollars, maybe some sanity will return. I sure hope so.
I have said hardly a peep about any of this nonsense for all these years, until My Last Straw.  Our whole family of 6 just quit flying, and quit going to movies.  Also, have saved a LOT in stores, as I no longer browse around and buy so much stuff on impulse.  I get in and out with my list asap.  Have saved far more than enough to pay the extortion taxes.  And silly non-smoking taxpayers, who don't realize THEY are paying for it all.  Wonder just how many other smokers have been behaving as our family has?  Or even partly?  Would love to see a study of how much anti-smoking lies have cost society in lost economic activity of ALL kinds?
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