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As of 10/12/07 the Liberty Van has traveled about 75,000 miles, all over the USA, since 12/05





Smokers rights van parked under the NO SMOKING OUTDOORS sign in Calabasas, California  Silly Calabasas has banned smoking outdoors right next to a 10 lane freeway  how stoopid - i can enjoy the exhaust from 200000-300000 cars a day, but can't light up a cigarette?

animated gif of laughing guy

SMOKERS BOYCOTT ALL SMOKING BAN STATES AND CITIES INFO protect private property rights  SEAL OUR BORDER picture of American flag, Protect private property rights join us boycott the United People's Republic of America USPRA

Our PETS are private property too - PAWS OFF  photo of rear of smokers rights van

PHOTOGRAPH of Liberty Van where the spirit of the Lord is there is LIBERTY  This van smokes In New Mexico, on the way to California  People's Republic of California or BUSTpicture of front of van

smokers rights van pictures new mexico on the way to Los Angeles CaliforniaAALF  Are You an American who Loves Freedom?  My dogs vote and shop Feds protect Private Property rights from states, cities, and voters

SMOKERS  BOYCOTT  Louisville Kentucky Ca california CT Conecticut DE Delaware FL Florda GA Georgia ID Idaho IL Illinois MA Massachusetts


Woe unto you, lawyers  Anti-smoking is a scam health lies stuff coffers of lawyers drug companies and the anti-smoking industry  SMOKERS BOYCOTT Lexington KY, ME Maine MT Montana ND North Dakota NY New York40 years, I'd rather fight than quit Hosanna Afghan Hounds the Most Beautiful Dogs on the WWW.  My family VOTES AND SHOPS  New Mexico, on the way out to California the first time

Anti-Smoking is a SCAM! Health LIES $tuff Coffer$ of Lawyers, Drug Cos. & Anti-Smoking INDUSTRY. WHY would they LIE?
SMOKERS & FREEDOM Lovers BOYCOTT ALL Smoking-ban States, Couties, & Cities! Boycott/Ban Map
Some people have asked me what the art work is made of.
Most of the decorations are contact paper & 'funky foam', and held on with carpet tape, and duct tape.  It DOES come off, as I've been replacing quite a bit of it. : )
Some of the paint is acrylic, and a lot of it's fabric paint.  The fabric paint comes in all sorts of interesting textures and with special effects - metallic, sparkles, etc, and seems to be extremely weather proof.  I used lots of glitter, also.  These pics really don't do justice to how pretty it looks.  I've used florescent, and glow in the dark paints, so it shows up well at night also.
Most of it has held up amazingly well with all kinds of weather conditions - blizzards, -3 degrees, gale force winds, and torrential downpours. The foam stuff doesn't seem to like heat, though, and expands and gets bubbles when it's hot. I'm currently testing something to fix that. Yes, I do have supplies of my craft stuff with me, and have occasionally had to repair or replace something.
I have been obeying ALL traffic laws, and being polite to all.  I have had ALMOST no trouble whatsoever with police or anyone else.  If anything, drivers behind me have been giving me more room than usual - almost no one is tailgating.  When I signal to change lanes, almost everyone backs off and makes room for me to go <G>.  I'll bet my risk of someone stealing my van is WAY lower than before <VBG>.  I do tend to make sure I'm parked where I can keep an eye on it, though, or have someone keep an eye on it for me, just in case anyone would attempt to vandalize it.  Have not had any incidents like that yet.  I always try to park in the location with best visibility, and most traffic.
Have been getting LOTS of waves, smiles, victory signs, cigarettes waved at me, thumbs up, and very very rarely a 'thumb down' (but all have seemed polite).  I have now lost count of the number of folks who have said, 'I love what you're doing', and 'your van is awesome'.  Occasionally we are getting outright cheers and applause!  This IS NOT about 'me', though. It's about FREEDOM, and losing our country! I don't think I've EVER had so much fun.  I highly recommend trying this to anyone else who has a bit of an 'adventuresome' spirit, and some creative abilities.
Of course, this is now 'hand wash' only <LOL>.
You are welcome to share this.
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Smoking Ban/BOYCOTT States Map - USA
Free Graphics - BOYCOTT Labels
My Letter at posted June 26, 2006
FREE Report: CA Smoking Ban Costs 100 Billion $ so far
NEW 2/14/2006: FREE Reports: Drug Cos Fund Smoking Bans & Smoking Allowed PROVEN 152 Times Safer than OSHA Standards
FREE Report: Smoking Bans DO NOT Prevent Heart Attacks
ALL the OLDEST People in the World happen to be SMOKERS.
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MUST READ BOOK: Dissecting Antismokers' Brains ,

New Year's Resolutions - ALL original and Highly Educational
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Lynda Farley ~ AALF ~ An American who Loves Freedom

Mom of 6 - Grandma of 5 (so far : )
40 Year Smoker - I'd Rather FIGHT than Quit!
My Resume

532 Farley Road
Edmonton, KY, 42129
(270)432-7272 CST (I'm a night owl : )

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NOTE: A few have asked me who is paying me to do this (ROFLOL!!!!) Answer: Absolutely NO ONE. I have been a full time homemaker for about the past 18 years. Before that, I worked as a computer programmer at IBM Corp. Last time I heard, there are NO secret ties between IBM and the tobacco industry.

I am nothing more than a PI__ED OFF (and fairly well educated) Grandma from Kentucky. It doesn't get ANY more 'grassroots' than that!

Some folks would like to know if they can help. Though I'm mainly driving this van all over the place in the course of my regular life (family & dog shows), I've also been making side trips whenever possible, and multiple extra trips, for instance the several times I've toured the Indianapolis and other State Houses). GAS expenses are incredible. At times, I've not been able to do as much as I'd like due to being short of yet more gas $. Any help - even a little would be appreciated, and it WILL ADD to the miles I can cover. If you would like to help with gas for the liberty van, my address & phone no. are above. Or, you can use PayPay Email is . Please make note on it that it's for the Liberty Van. If you would like a receipt, please include your contact info, and I'll send you one. It is NOT tax deductible, though.

Another thing I would love to find help with is legal assistance. I would like to set up some sort of tax free EDUCATIONAL foundation for AALF (An American who Loves Freedom). Then, contributions to keep the Liberty Van running might be tax deductible. I'm sure we can think of other worthy projects to educate about and promote FREEDOM as well.


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Liberty Van - 2 Trips to California - April & May, 2006

I continue to drive this van where ever I'm going about my usual business. [as of May 30, 2006 this van been about 15,000 miles all over a large part of the USA since I started this Creative Expression of 1st Amendment Rights project]  End of March, I had to go to the People's Republic of Los Angeles.  I made two trips from KY to California, and spent most of 2 months (almost all of April & May) in Harbor City (near Torrance).  This van is a WORK IN PROGRESS, so it looks different from time to time.  Sometimes, I've been adding and changing some things 'on the fly'.  This is how it looked on our way out to CA the first time.

As of May 30, 2006, this van has traveled over 15,000 miles since this project began in Dec. 2005.
We made 2 trips to the People's Republic of California, spending most of April and May, 2006 there.
I have to go back to California (again!), in early July.   You NEVER KNOW where we'll turn up.  We DO run the roads.
Why do I travel so much? We show our Afghan Hound dogs. Visit Hosanna Afghan Hounds
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I was alone this time, and took I-65 south through Nashville, then I-40 all the way over to I-15, then I-15 into Los Angeles.  drove through Memphis TN, Little Rock & Ft. Smith, AK, Oklahoma City, OK, Amarillo, TX, and Flagstaff AZ.  I spent the night in Flagstaff, and cruised there a bit in the morning, as that's where I first walked out of a restaurant (the Red Lobster) due to 'no smoking allowed', about 10 years ago.

It was an interesting time in CA (& driving cross country) with the Liberty Van. It was a hit everywhere!  On the way out there, I'd put clear tape on the front of the hood, with 'People's Republic of California or BUST'.  After I arrived, I changed it to 'Liberate the People's Republic of California'. On the way home, I changed it to 'REPEAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRIVATE PROPERTY SMOKING BANS'.  On April 15, I added NJ (for New Jersey) to the BOYCOTT states.  Their state ban went into effect on tax day.

I had to go out to CA to care for my father, who was very ill.  I had not planned this trip at all - it was an emergency.

I drove 2,200+ miles in less than 72 hours, solo.

When I got there, I was still all alone.  My dad was in ICU, and just about completely out of it for more than a week, so between visits to him, I did quite a bit of cruising in the Los Angeles area.

I am still getting about 99 positive signs (waves, smiles, thumbs up, V signs, 'right on' signs, etc.) to every 1 negative.  At times, there were cars going by me on both sides on the freeway, with 3 or 4 arms hanging out of BOTH sides of cars, all with thumbs up.  They were sticking up from sun roofs, too.  Even a lot of the NON-smokers are 'getting it!   Some rolled down their windows at lights, and told me, 'I don't smoke, but I agree with you!'.  One day I came out from paying for my gas, and a fellow who had apparently stood there and read the whole thing told me he agrees with everything on there. Then he told me for about 20 minutes how mad he is that he isn't allowed to cut down a tree on his own property. He never mentioned smoking - I'm not sure

On 4/11/06, I was stopped by the police for THE VERY FIRST TIME since I started this Creative Expression of First Amendment Rights project.  Right now, I am planning to be in Los Angeles again July 3, 2006.  See:  1st Amendment Ticket

how he felt about that.  People from one end of this country to the other seem outraged about the abuses of Eminent Domain, as well. It really is a sad day for the USA, when someone can lose their home they've worked for all their life, just because some 'tin hat' city council wants a bigger tax base : (.

I cruised the Palos Verdes Peninsula, San Pedro, & Long Beach several times.  About 40 years ago, I was a Junior at Rolling Hills High School.  I put about 4,000 miles on the Liberty Van in CA alone, as I was there for almost 2 months.  I cruised Calabasas (about a dozen times), where they've outlawed smoking OUTDOORS, right next to a 10 lane FREEWAY. Geesh, I can enjoy the exhaust from 200,000-300,000 cars/day, but don't light up a cigarette? ROFLOL  In Calabasas, I got the same sort of vastly positive responses I've been getting everywhere all over the USA.  One day a whole car full sat at a light there, all blowing kisses at the van.  I cruised Hollywood at least a 1/2 dozen times, as well.  One night on Sunset Strip, I had a short running conversation with some folks

in their car.  They said, 'we think you're awesome', and said, 'you must hate Calabasas'.  I told them (at the next light), 'No, I love Calabasas - I want to help LIBERATE it!'.  I broke my general boycott habit, and actually bought my supper at the Ralph's at the main shopping center in Calabasas a couple of times, as the people I met there had been so nice.  Most of the folks I met do NOT seem to support this idiotic law.  I visited Sacramento, San Francisco, and Reno, too - as well as Las Vegas, and the People's Republic of Denver on my way home from my first CA trip.

My father, meanwhile, was getting better.  He was getting over the pneumonia, and we were able to enjoy some visiting.  My oldest daughter from VT arrived to help me, as I had left 4 of my kids at home with my husband in Kentucky.  In addition, my 19 year old son

in KY had just gotten out of the hospital.  He'd been seriously injured in a fork lift accident only about 10 days before my dad got sick.  Talk about when it rains, it pours...  I had to go home to care for my other kids, so my oldest was there to stay with my dad.  Just a day after I left, I got a call - my dad had passed away.  Though the pneumonia was better, his heart wasn't strong, and his kidneys were also failing : (.  I turned around and went back to Harbor City, staying another week.

My dad was almost 80, and won a tennis tournament when he was about 70, as a 55 year smoker of both cigarettes and his pipe.  Then he remarried a nico-nazi who forced him to quit.  He soon gained about 150 lbs, and for the rest of his life had difficulty walking, let alone playing tennis.  The younger, 'healthier' non-smoking wife kicked the bucket about 7 years ago.  My dad enjoyed good health all his life until he quit smoking.  He did not have cancer, either. IMO, his weight helped kill him.  This is one reason I'm so SMOKING MAD about all this anti-smoking nonsense, & refuse to quit smoking.  I especially refuse to be forced or bullied into it.  SEE: A Smoker's Obituary

I visited Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona on the way home.  My husband's family are mostly in the Austin, TX area, so I visited there as well.  I also went through Houston & Baytown, TX, & Birmingham, AL.

I finally arrived home in Kentucky just in time for Memorial Day, and a nice cookout, watermelon, and fireworks celebration with the kids.  My injured son is recovering well, and it was WONDERFUL to see John, and the kids and all the Afghan Hounds again!

The Liberty Van will be on the road again near the end of June, heading west on I-40, when I have to return to The People's Republic of Lost Angeles.  I'll be there for the 4th of July, and we'll be CRUISIN - probably BEACHES : )


JOIN US - wherever you are!  INFO HERE:


The Liberty Van finally arrived home in Kentucky on May 1.  I was home for only a few days, to try to catch up on my life, then my husband and I headed west again in The Liberty Van.  We went out to CA via I-40 again this time.  My dad's house had already been sold, as he had put it on the market before he became ill.  He was planning (finally) to move closer to us.  We had to get the house cleared out, and handle completion of the sale, plus I had a lot of my dad's other business complete.

On the 1st night of the 2nd trip to CA, late at night, almost through Arkansas, a deer jumped from the median and hit the front left bumper (John was driving : ).  We were doing 70 (the speed limit), and very lucky.  After tying up the bumper with a bungee cord, a cable tie, and some duct tape, we were on our way again.  The art work was PERFECT, except for LIBERTY was cracked EXACTLY in the middle of the 'e', in the exact middle of the word!  (see photo at top of page) - just like the Liberty Bell?  That made the rest of this trip taped together with transparent duct tape.

Just as soon as John and I could get a truck loaded with things to take home for the family, he came home to KY with the truck.  I had to stay for a couple more weeks to finish clearing out the rest.  Several of my family flew in to help, and we had a small private memorial service for dad.


While in Harbor City, I had the opportunity to attend a Torrance City Council meeting, where they voted unanimously to ban smoking on Torrance Beach.  The council members all spouted rhetoric that Hitler would have been proud of - the 'health is duty' gospel.  My last act in Harbor City was to enjoy watching their annual Armed Forces Day parade, while painting 'VOTE THEM ALL OUT' underneath 'Woe unto you lawyers' on both sides of the van.

Finally I was headed home, again by myself.  I took the southern route this time.  I want to visit as many of the United People's Republics of America as I can with the Liberty Van.


More Liberty Van NEWS & PHOTO Pages:  LATEST Photos ~ October 2007~ Washington DC First Amendment Rights Tickets ~ Spring 2007~ IL-IN-GA-FL-TN-AL-KY ~ Ban Damage Frankfort, KY| ~ Valentines & StPatricks Days 2007 ~ Liberty Van 1 Year Old - 12/06 ~ 2nd NE Ban States - 10/06 ~ 1st Amendment Ticket & CA 7/4/06 ~ 2 Trips to CA 3/06-5/06 ~ KY 3/3/06 ~ Chicago 2/06 ~ NE Ban States Tour 1/06 ~ The Birth of the Liberty Van - 12/05 ~
As of 10/12/07 the Liberty Van has traveled about 75,000 miles, all over the USA, since 12/05