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My Last Straw  ~  The TRUTH about Anti-Smokers ~ SMOKERS BOYCOTT



We were on the news with the Liberty Van (AKA Smoker's Rights Van)
MORE Liberty Van photos and stories:

The following is a letter I sent to an IL polititian, where they are considering a state wide smoking ban.  You are welcome to forward, and/or use whatever parts to write other officials in ANY state threatened with a ban, or to try to get a ban REPEALED.  When writing polititians, it's probably better to pick just one or two points for each letter that YOU think are most important.  I kind of tried to cover all the bases here.
Here is some info about the root of the anti-smoking industry.  I've put it in sections for convenience.  PLEASE consider all of this carefully.
'HEALTH':  I guess that 'health' could trump just about any right we have, but what's the REAL dealWe are being LIED TO about our health.  Billions of TAX $ are being used to spread these lies.  WHY are they lying???
Looks to me like the pHARMaceutical industry may be attempting to take over the entire world.  They've been on campaigns to try to shut down their competition on several fronts.  They've been pouring billions into the anti-smoking industry world wide.  Here is just some of the info I found when I started 'following the money'.
By Former BMJ Editor, Dr. Richard Smith. Medical journals have become "creatures of the drug industry" rife with fraudulent research and packed with articles ghost written by pHARMaceutical companies." The Trouble With Medical Journals
Tobacco has been used MEDICINALLY for many centuries by all the cultures of the 'New World'.  If you take an honest look (I know, really wishful thinking, when so many billion$ have been spent for several decades now to spread Misinformation) at what has ACTUALLY HAPPENED to health, since in the past 20 years in the USA smoking is DOWN about 50%, and indoor ETS (environmental tobacco smoke) is DOWN about 75%, it can be an eye opener.
Cancer has NOT gone down.  Deaths have gone down somewhat, or a lot in some cases due to better treatments, but the INCIDENCE is up for most kinds, and lung cancer (the one most often blamed on smoking) HAS NOT GONE DOWN. 
Asthma (which in fact correlates more highly with stress & overweight - and DOES NOT correlate with smoking or ETS), is UP ABOUT 500% and RISING QUICKLY. .  If you watch much TV at all in the USA, you must have noticed all the drug company ads for all the 'kool' new (HIGH PRICED!) asthma meds.
They shove folks off cigarettes with all the junk science scare stories, then
- when folks gain weight (smoking is a way to comfort one's self WITHOUT eating) they sell us weight loss drugs.
- smoking is a self treatment for STRESS (which DOES make people sick!) and depression.  The drug companies sell FAR MORE Prozac and that sort of drug to NONsmokers.
- Smokers have the LOWEST rate of Ulcerative Colitis and Crone's Disease.  EXsmokers have the HIGHEST rate.  I've noticed lately (for the first time ever!) TV ads for UC meds.  Wonder if the rate of UC is UP, since the number of EX smokers is GROWING?
- Smokers have 70% less Alzheimer's disease (another profit center for 'Big pHARMa')
- Smokers have 50% less Parkinson's disease (yet ANOTHER profit center for 'Big pHARMa')
        This is just the 'SHORT list'!
I do believe we are witnessing one industry (the pHARMaceutical industry) attempting to GET RID OF IT'S COMPETITOR (the tobacco industry).
At this moment, there is a bill in the US Congress to have our FDA (food & drug administration) regulate cigarettes as 'drug delivery devices'.  This is REALLY idiotic, considering that there is nicotine IN potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tea, and other foods.  And guess what???  The 'evil' tobacco companies DID NOT put it there - God did.  They are ALL in the SAME plant family as tobacco.  So, I guess those are all 'drug delivery devices' as well???  How about soda pop and my morning coffee?  Certainly, those are also 'drug delivery devices'.  And don't forget my kid's (and MY!) chocolate bars. 
The good news about all the so called 'second hand smoke' hysteria is that it puts the theory of evolution right out the window.  How can it be that a species who SURVIVED by heating and cooking by BURNING ALL KINDS OF STUFF, supposedly 'for millennia' is not adapted to smoke in their environment???  We're suddenly being 'killed off' by someone ELSE's smoke????  ROFLOL!!!
I will bet that if you follow the money, you may find 'Big pHARMa' at the root of the attempts to get rid of homeopathic medicine as well.  'Big pHARMa' seems to have more money than God, and they have corrupted science itself, and even the medical journals in their quest to have a monopoly on 'health'. 
Meanwhile, the published numbers of folks supposedly 'killed off' by someone ELSE's smoke do NOT represent real dead people.  Those numbers ALL come from COMPUTER PROJECTIONS.  But in the USA alone something like 225,000 REAL PEOPLE DIE every year from prescription drug 'oopses', and outright BAD drugs.
And, the general MO of the anti-smoking industry is eerily similar to the MO of the animal rights radicals.  BOTH have taken over charitable organizations and are using them to fleece billions of dollars from the unsuspecting (and mostly well meaning) public.  The money is being used NOT to solve a real problem, but to produce propaganda, and for political activities, paid lobbyists, etc. to further their agenda.  And that agenda in ALL cases seems to be to take away people's rights to do what they wish with their own property (businesses or animals), and to STUFF THEIR OWN POCKETS.  This is why I will no longer donate to the American Lung (LIAR) Association, American Heart Association, etc.  They are using FAR MORE of their money to finance the antismoking groups, and generate yet more propaganda, than (sadly) to find CURES.
For those who panic at every new news report of yet another 'study' that comes out, here is some information about the 'state of the art' of epidemiology.
More collected info on 'Big pHARMa'
I just finished reading this one
For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health
For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health

EXCELLENT Dissecting Antismokers' Brains


By Former BMJ Editor, Dr. Richard Smith. Medical journals have become "creatures of the drug industry" rife with fraudulent research and packed with articles ghost written by pharmaceutical companies." The Trouble With Medical Journals

Dissecting Antismokers' Brains

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'level playing field'.
In reality, restaurants, bars, and indeed ALL 'recreational' venues are also competing with our ability to STAY AT HOME, or PARTY WITH FRIENDS AT THEIR homes.  Why spend ALL THAT MONEY to go 'enjoy' ourselves where we are obviously NOT welcome, and made to feel UNCOMFORTABLE???  Besides, the MONEY SAVED can be used to help pay those EXTORTION level cigarette taxes.  Therefore, even if the smoking bans were WORLD WIDE, recreational venues would STILL be hurt BADLY by smoking bans.  At the moment there are 12 amusement parks FOR SALE in the People's Republic of California.  Seems 6 Flags went 'no smoking' to be more 'family friendly', and their attendance has been DOWN ever since.  Gee, seems they forgot, SMOKERS HAVE FAMILIES.  I have 6 kids, myself, and so far only 5 grandkids - but only my oldest child has reproduced so far.
For documentation to back this up this ECONOMIC ANALYSIS, please see:
That report is based on figures put out by the Fed. government of total volume of retail sales for each state each year, and for total 'restaurant & bar sector' for each state for each year.  Those numbers are based on the total economic status & demographics of each state.  Some states with bans aren't hurt quite as badly as others if they have bar (or other) exemptions, or depending on how strictly they're enforced.  But it's clear from this report that ALL states with statewide bans have lost HUGE.  In states without bans, those two numbers - Total Retail & Total Restaurant & Bar track pretty closely together.  BOTH are based on the economics & demographics of the whole STATE (so called 'LEVEL PLAYING FIELDS')  In states with bans, there is a differential - and in some of them HUGE differential.  In CA, for instance, it appears they have about 3,000 FEWER restaurants & bars than they should have based on 10 years of the state's economic growth and the state's demographics.  Check out Vermont - especially near & dear to me, as my own son in law, who supports my 5 lovely grandchildren, actually LOST HIS restaurant job DURING the same time period covered in that report. Notice the HEALTHY growth in that state of 'Total Retail', and the fact that the Restaurant and Bar DECREASED during the same time period.  What do YOU think is going on there in that TOURIST state???  Gee, the folks in Vermont are still SHOPPING - but suddenly have STOPPED going out to restaurants & bars??!!???
The anti-smokers are LYING about economics.  WHY???  See above, under Health Lies.
Smoking bans are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  America is NOT a communist country.  Our businesses are (mostly) PRIVATELY OWNED. 
US Supreme Court Decision - Private property rights - Lloyd Corp. v. Tanner,
407 U.S. 551 (1972),
"In a U.S. Supreme court decision during the early 1970's.............., the
Supreme Court said a place of business does not become public property just
because the public is invited in.  By that same reasoning, a restaurant or
bar is not public property."
There is a lawsuit against the ban in Hawaii at the moment.  There are lawsuits ALL OVER THE PLACE where there are unconstitutional smoking bans on privately owned properties.  If you insist on having a ban, be sure to BUDGET FOR LEGAL EXPENSES, as well as LOST TAX REVENUES.
It's hard to pin down the exact number of folks who still smoke.  Often the numbers used by the antis (20%-25%) don't reflect reality because they ONLY include cigarette smokers, and they include CHILDREN.  They also don't include 'social smokers', those MANY who ONLY smoke occasionally - usually when they're out drinking.  There is also no way to know how many folks LIE on those surveys.  Many smokers have been intimidated in recent years, and have almost stopped going out at all in some areas.  It's safe to say we have CLOSET smokers now.  (By the way, if nicotine is SO addictive, WHY IS there such a thing as a 'social smoker'???  How come, since just about everyone has been exposed to so called 'second hand smoke' at some time or another, isn't EVERYONE ON THE PLANET 'addicted'??? Since there IS nicotine IN tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tea, and other foods, WHY isn't EVERYONE 'addicted'? - Oh, and the 'big bad tobacco companies' DID NOT put the nicotine in all our foods - God - or evolution - did.  Those are ALL in the same plant family as tobacco.)
Smoking prohibition is NEVER going to work even as well as ALCOHOL prohibition did.  You are just WASTING TIME AND RESOURCES even discussing it.
So, how many smokers ARE there?  I'm guessing somewhere between AT LEAST 50 million (based on the anti-smoker's deflated numbers) up to as many as possibly 90 million.  There are some who smoke ONLY cigars, some who smoke ONLY pipes, and those who are 'social smokers'.  If all those are included, I would bet the actual number is pretty close to 70 million in the USA ALONE.  And, after about 30 years of spending BILLIONS of dollars to attempt to brainwash EVERYONE, those who haven't quit yet are NOT LIKELY to quit.  In fact, the number of smokers reported by CDC has INCREASED a couple of percentage points for the past three years in a ROW.  Seems more folks are figuring out the antis are LYING about our health. 
I know I am NOT GOING TO QUIT, because I DON'T WANT TO.  It IS NOT ABOUT NICOTINE.  IT'S ABOUT SMOKING - PEOPLE ENJOY SMOKING.  My entire family has NOT been ON an airplane since airline smoking bans.  Most of us have hardly been to a MOVIE, either.  There are ALWAYS alternatives for any sort of RECREATION.  Recreation is about ENJOYMENT, and it is OPTIONAL.  NO level playing field is EVER going to save YOUR STATE's entertainment and hospitality industry if you institute an unconstitutional ban of an activity that LOTS of folks enjoy and refuse to give up - and IS NOT illegal - on PRIVATELY OWNED properties.
I've decided it's NOT FAIR that ONLY the restaurants, bars, and recreation places (bowling alleys, bingo halls, etc) usually pay for the smoking bans (by losing their businesses), so this is what
I'm doing about that:
Just IMAGINE if even 1/10 of all the smokers in America ever get just 1/2 as ticked off about this whole thing as I am....
Let's see if any state, county, or city (or the feds) can make a law FORCING me to spend MY $ where *I* decide NOT to.
I am doing my very best to help that HAPPEN: (yes, this is me)
Here's what's happening in a nut shell.
ANTI-smoking is a SCAM.
Health LIES are stuffing the coffer$ of
lawyers, tax collectors, politicians,
and the Anti smoking INDUSTRY.
Remember: You can fool all the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time, but you CAN NEVER FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.  Since they ARE LYING about the 'danger' of ETS, it's only a matter of TIME till enough folks realize they are being LIED to, and the support you seem to see for smoking bans will EVAPORATE.  PLEASE LEARN something from ALCOHOL prohibition.  This worm WILL TURN with a VENGEANCE.  Best to just DROP the whole thing.  This will NEVER go away.  It's a DAILY COMFORT issue for too many 10s of millions of ADULT workers, SHOPPERS & VOTERS.
There are some VERY funny movies here (hey, laughing is GOOD for our health!)
Lynda Farley - AALF - An American who Loves Freedom
animated gif link to AALF An American who Loves Freedom
AKA 'Smokin' Kentucky Granny ~
'The debate is over'... our EX-Surgeon General is a LIAR  Drug Cos. FUND Anti-smoking
AKA 'Smokin' Kentucky Granny

Liberty Van AKA Smoker's Rights Van

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