HOW ANTI-SMOKERS              
are TAKING AWAY BUSINESS              
Will there EVER be an investigation into this CONFLICT OF INTEREST???
Also SEE:
WARNING - Peoria, IL on ALiarA (ALA) Hit List for BRAINWASHING Campaign
Here is how the anti-smoking movement is shoving smoking bans in
WANT THEM, by using 'public education' (brainwashing) techniques.
Following are 'fair use' excerpts from this article:
"American Lung Association says people in Peoria need more information

Saturday, July 29, 2006

PEORIA - Billboards advertising the dangers of secondhand smoke will soon sprout up in central Illinois.

It's the first step in an educational campaign to warn residents in Peoria and East Peoria that the air you breathe in restaurants, bars and even work- places that allow smoking could slowly be killing you.

But it could be at least a year before there's any real campaign in the area to encourage city councils and county boards to snuff out smoking in all public places - bars included.

"You just get a feeling when you go into a community," said Kathy Drea, director of public policy for the American Lung Association. "We just really felt like the people of Peoria needed a little more information."

While 22 cities in Illinois have passed no-smoking ordinances of some type and dozens of other cities have debated the issue, the idea of a smoking ban hasn't been on the radar in Peoria or the surrounding communities.

A lot of it has to do with political will. Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis and East Peoria Mayor Charles Dobbelaire share the same opinion on the subject: They hate smoke but think the government should butt out.

"It's the principle of the thing," Ardis said. "If our state lawmakers have the guts to make it statewide so it's a level playing field for everyone in the state, I wouldn't be happy about (that), but I wouldn't have the heartburn that I do" in considering it for only the city.

Ardis doesn't believe Peorians are any less knowledgeable about the dangers of secondhand smoke than residents in other communities. Rather, he sees the lack of movement toward a smoke ban reflective of a "city council that's sensitive to businesses."

Dobbelaire said the area's mayors' association has discussed the issue informally, and town leaders largely agree that the status quo should remain.

But Drea's not discouraged by such remarks. While there's no momentum yet, she said attitudes are likely to change once the facts are presented.

"The city council or county board will always make a statement that it will never happen (in their town)," Drea said, adding "every single place that we've ever gone now has a smoke-free law."

"I think Peoria, because of the nature of the environment in the city, needs more education," she said.

Molly Parker can be reached at 686-3285 or "


Are SMOKING BANS REALLY                      
about HEALTH????                        
The ALA, and other 'health' organizations (funded by pharmeceutical companies & foundations) that are pushing the anti-smoking agenda want us to think this is for our own good'.  But is all this REALLY about our health???
In Calabasas, California, they have now banned smoking OUTDOORS - RIGHT NEXT TO THE 10 lane 101 Freeway that comes right up out of the heart of Lost Angeles.  Gee, I can enjoy the EXHAUST from about 300,000 cars per day, but I can't enjoy a cigarette OUTDOORS???? ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!
For those who doubt that the exhaust from EVEN ONE car is far more dangerous than hundreds of cigarettes, here is an experiment for you to try.  Lock yourself up for a couple of hours in a two car garage with 100 cigarettes burning.  Then try locking yourself up for a couple of hours in a two car garage with ONE car running.  See which one you SURVIVE???
For those who believe in evolution, we are a species who SURVIVED by BURNING ALL KINDS OF STUFF (for cooking and heating) for MILLENIA.  The idea that we are 'suddenly being killed off by someone else's tobacco smoke' is NONSENSE.
For those who believe the Bible, you may be interested to know that there are more than 200 references in the King James Bible to incense being burned INSIDE God's temple at his own command.  Guess what?  INCENSE has ALL THE SAME THINGS that are in TOBACCO smoke - at about 40 TIMES HIGHER CONCENTRATIONS.  And, they did not have the fancy modern ventilation systems in the temples in those days that we have now.  SEE:

We are GOING TO HAVE TO start FIGHTING BACK. We need BILLBOARDS of OUR OWN. Do your part to help by FORWARDING THIS INFO to ANYONE you know who smokes, and/or loves FREEDOM and PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. Print it out and POST IT on community bulletin boards. Use the info for letters to newspapers. Get creative and figure out ways to get the word out to as many as possible. Here is something I am doing about it: Liberty/Smoker's Rights Van

Be thankful if you don't live in a smoking ban area - yet. The CA smoking ban has cost them 100 billion$ so far. There are about 3,000 fewer restaurants & bars than there should be based on their demographics and past 10 yrs. economic growth. ALL CA taxpayers are paying that $hortfall. Check out WHAT WE ARE DONIG ABOUT THIS

STOP/REPEAL Unconstitutional Private Property Smoking-Bans!

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